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Behind the recording studio walls

In this time of 'Social Distancing', it has become increasingly harder to do the things that were once so normal. Everything is subject to change and adapting. This is the same for recording. The new way for me to record is now from my living room; with a microphone plugged into my laptop, connected to my mixing programme. My phone propped up on a music stand to catch the footage and my headphones getting tangled in everything as I try not to trip over all the leads (that's if the dog isn't underneath my feet either)

But I must admit, its actually quite fun. I am completely left to my own devices and there is no restriction on time. I have as many takes to record the song I am singing as I wish, and with a boyfriend who likes to tap loudly on his computer next to me, the dog barking at the neighbours and my Nan pottering about - the more takes, the better! It all makes for an interesting afternoon of recording.

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