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New Video Recordings

It has been a busy couple of weeks, recording covers and editing videos. The week before Eseex was put into new restrictions, I was working with the amazing Rebecca Huish and Vicky Clubb on our recent collaboration.

We first met on a musical project being staged at the Old Palace - what an experience (in more ways than one)

This is the first recording as a trio that we have worked on (and hopefully wont be the last), so we decided to go Musical Theatre and record the beautiful duet 'For Good' from Wicked.

We managed to do everything ourselves - Vicky provided the musical accompaniment and was a huge part in the filming of the video, Rebecca took on the part of the good witch and I sang the part of Elphaba and edited the music video. Very much a team effort.

Check out our recording here:

#ClassicalCrossover #Musical #MusicalTheatre #Wicked #Accompaniment

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