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New Video Release

This summer, I was asked to feature in a wonderful online concert, hosted by Classical Crossover Magazine - A magazine dedicated to Classical Crossover Artists.

Because of the pandemic, most, if not all LIVE performances have been postponed or cancelled. This has meant that a huge amount of performers have been left with little to no work.

What a wonderful opportunity it was then, for Classical Crossover Magazine to give us a stage to share our work.

Here is the recording of 'Nella Fantasia' that was recorded especially for the concert. I even decided to record a little music video to go with it (well, when in Rome......or Alresford, Essex).

Please enjoy my latest release:

For more videos and recordings, subscribe to the website and the YouTube channel, along with liking and following my social pages. All links are on the home page of the website.

Take care everyone. xxx

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