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Embracing Technology - Moving Concerts Online

I have been recording numerous musical covers of the last few weeks and have been able to sing songs that I just don't get the chance to sing. I have missed having an audience to play to, so the first LIVE concert I performed, was through Facebook live, taking requests and feeling quite nervous about the replies in total honesty.

After a few collaborations with friends online, I then took it one step further - The Classical Crossover group I perform with (The Bel Canto Sopranos) decided to put together a virtual concert. A 40 minute celebration (as we had VE Day coming up) of 40's music along with songs that won the war! The link for the concert is

It was a mammoth task but we were so happy with the result.

And we have no decided to record another concert to be premiered on the 19th June 2020.

Keep your eyes peeled for details of where to find us!

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