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What do we do now?

After the toughest few months the entertainment industry has ever seen, it has been hard for artists up and down the country (including myself) to know 'What do we do now?'

After months of cancelled gigs, shows, parties, weddings and even whole tours, it leaves me thinking - what does the future for the arts hold? How many venues will survive? How many more people will be made redundant or be laid off? How many of our theatre technicians, make up artists, costume designers, set designer and even the performers themselves will have work to go back to after this ordeal is over?

Trying to plan for the next few months is so hard. So many small businesses and companies have no idea whether they will survive until Christmas, let alone into the New Year! I have no idea when I will perform again in front of a LIVE physical audience, and that makes me quite sad.

I remember my last gig - I cannot believe it was back in early March! It was themed around 'Sunday Night at the Palladium' and what fun it was. Performing all the musical classics from the West End and Broadway. If I had known that was going to be my last gig for the foreseeable future, I wouldn't have stopped singing.

All we can do at the moment is embrace the wonders of modern technology (thank god we have the internet!) and use the internet to broadcast our work. At the moment, its hard to be positive about the success of the entertainment industry - but we have to! We have to keep the faith that we will survive this and pull through and come out the other side.

For now, I am using the time I have to compose my own music, update my promotional material (its amazing the time you don't have for the admin when you're always performing) and try to get a plan together for when the venues open, the audience is let in and the lights come up once more! It will feel like the dawn of a new era.

Sending all my love to all my fellow performers in these very hard and trying times! We will return and we will be reunited with our beloved stages and audiences soon!

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